Jasmine Phoenix Pearls


(Canister 120gr)

Jasmine Phoenix Pearls|茉莉鳳眼 (by Plantation)

Produced using the traditional craft of "floral infusion" from Fuzhou, which involves up to 7 times of continuous overlaying and flipping of green teas and jasmine flowers to naturally induce the flower's essential oils into the tea, our Jasmine Phoenix Pearls are then painstakingly hand-rolled to form an almond shape which slowly opens up during infusion.

Origin: Fuzhou, China Harvest

Year: Spring 2019 Oxidation

Level: ⦿○○○○

Tasting Note: Bright, Jasmine-scent, Delicate

Brewing Method: Steep 3g in a 300 ml teapot of 80°C water for 3 minutes.

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