Chinese New Year Gift Set - Year of the Rabbit


Pick-up & Delivery available from January 11th to January 20th 

Please contact for more details

🧨Quantity Limited to 50 sets

To celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, Chef Vicky have prepared a special gift set including the following elements:

  • Old Ginger Chinese New Year Cake
  • Walnut Cookies (20 pieces)
  • Walnut & Red Date Candy (12 pieces)
  • Cow's Ear Biscuit - Puff Pastry with Almond Crunch (80g)
  • Honey Lollipop (3 pieces)
  • Tea by Plantation (Da Hong Pao & Rice Scent Aged Puerh)

🧧 We wish you a prosperous Chinese New Year! 

Best consumption period 
Cookies, Biscuit & Lollipop: 2 Weeks
Chinese New Year Cake: 1 Week (Keep Refrigerated)

*Photos are for reference only


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