Supplement - Cheese box with Chinese Condiments


Ode to Cheese with Chinese condiments.

Comté 24 months (approx. 20g) with Pickled Young Ginger :
Fruitiness and nuttiness best describe this delicious cheese sources directly from the Fruitiere producing it close to the Franco-Swiss border. 24 months is the best age to feel the good taste balance.

Gorgonzola (approx. 20g) with Hawthorn Sticks :
This cheese is surprising by its mouthwatering creaminess and its mild taste. Try it with Chinese condiments for a surprise.

Mimolette (approx. 20g) with Wild Kumquat :
This orange color cheese is often described as a sharp but mild cheese that is intensely fruity and nutty, with subtle notes of caramel, its a bit like eating salted eggyolk.

*only available with gastronomy box order

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