Bulgarian Rose Water


Bottle of 100ml

Bulgarian rose, also known as rose Damascena is the pride of Bulgaria. 
Bulgaria has been the world leader in the production of Rose oil and
rose water, due to its favourable climate and great soil. 
Bulgarian rose water is produced by a very special method of distillation
known only by a few masters. Only natural water from the mountain
lakes in Bulgaria are used. For the production of 1 bottle of rose water
approximately 100 roses are required.


Bulgarian rose water is an excellent source of vitamins A, B3, C, D and E.
It also contains more than 128 micro and macro components and
its 100% natural.The main beneficial properties of this tonic are:
- improves skin texture
- hydrates the skin
- has anti-aging properties
- has antibacterial properties good for treating acne prone skin
- due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties helps soothe irritation and is recommended for people with sensitive skin
- helps to heal cuts, scars and burns
- enhances mood
- reduces dandruff
- good for hair, adds shine, reduces excess oil and frizz

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