Mid-Autumn Pastry Box 2022


Pick-up & Delivery available from August 30th to September 10th (Exclude 4th Sept & 5th Sept)

To celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn 2022, our Mid Autumn Pastry Box is returned with the following new elements:

  • Mooncake Shaped Dark Chocolate with Marie Biscuit 月餅形黑朱古力 (內含馬利餅夾心)
  • Osmanthus Sablé (9 pieces) 桂花酥餅
  • Pecan Cookies (12 pieces) 胡桃曲奇
  • Pistachio Marshmallow Biscuit (12 pieces) 開心果雪花酥
  • Chrysanthemum Caramel Milk Jam 菊花焦糖牛奶醬
  • Orange and Aged Mandarin Peel Marmalade 香橙陳皮果醬
  • Wooden Gift Box, Scarf, Personalized Message

Best consumption period - 7 days

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