Ode to Chocolate Tea Set

Ode to Chocolate Tea Set features 10 pieces of chocolate pastries, which are mainly created with local made chocolate.

Tulip Mousse (2 pcs)
Philippines 72% Dark Chocolate Mousse and Namelaka,
Red Date Jelly, Chocolate Sablé
- Choco. by SLOK - 
Passion Fruit Tart (2 pcs)
Trinidad 75% Cremeux and Namelaka,
Chocolate Pâté Sucrée, Passion Fruit Gel, Feuilletine Crispy
- Choco. by Conspiracy Chocolate - 

Pecan Brownie (2 pcs)

Venezuela 75% Chocolate Brownie,
Ganache, Almond Chocolate Dip, Pecan Cream, Crispy Base
- Choco. by Chocobien - 

Coffee Roulade (2 pcs)
Madagascar 75% Cremeux, Coffee Sponge, Coffee Buttercream, Chocolate Sablé
- Choco. by Chocobien -

Chocolate Scone (2 pcs)
55% Chocolate Pearls with Sour Cherry and Tea Jam
- Choco. by Valrhona -

Best Consumption period: 1 day

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