Festive Pastry Box


Available from 14th December to 31st December 2021

To celebrate the upcoming festive season,
Chef Vicky & Chef Graff have prepared a special pastry box including
the following elements:

1st tier:
- Honey & Truffle Pear Tart (4 pcs)
2nd tier:
- Spiced Speculoos Cookies (8 pcs)
- Chocolate Financier (4 pcs)
- Truffle & Chocolate Pound Cake (4 slices)
- Homemade Mulled Wine (300ml x 2 bottles)

Best consumption period 
Pear Tart: 1 Day
Cookies: 2 Weeks
Financier & Pound Cake: 3 Days
Mulled Wine: 2 Weeks (Keep in fridge), consume as soon as possible once opened

*Photos are for reference only

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