Ode to Chinese Lattice Window


This cake is a special collaboration with
Hong Kong Tourism Board - Art of Flavours Dining Promotion.
Western style with a traditional Chinese touch.
The cake is an artistic expression with high aesthetic value.

Chinese lattice window is a widely-used architectural component in Chinese History. It is characterized by cultural symbols and repetitive use of geometric patterns.

Important Dates
Booking: from May 1st to May 27th
Delivery/pick up
: from May 11th to May 29th


  • Black Sesame Mousse
  • Sesame Sponge
  • Yuzu Crémeux
  • Black & White Sesame Crunchy


10.5 x 10.5  x 5 cm
4 - 6 pax

Best Consumption period: 1 day

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