(From Mar. 30th 2021)

Orders are available but menu will be communicated later
depending on available seasonal products. 

  • 2 kind of bread (with fermented tofu butter & other)
  • 1 soup dish
  • Quartet (4 small dishes)
  • 1 main course (choice between meat or seafood)
  • Dessert
  • Mignardise
  • Wood Tiffin Box and well crafted vessels (to be returned)
  • Set of 6 brushed brass cutlery in leather case (to be returned)
  • Welcome Note, Heating Instructions and Menu

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Option Description:


Ossetra Caviar from Kaviari, prepared exclusively for Tate Dining Room. Sustainably farmed, the caviar exhibits a subtle aroma of the sea with a long and delicate hazelnut flavour. Available in 50g tins.

Coming with the Tasting Set:

・Homemade crispy tartlet (8pc)
・Classic condiments: 
Sour cream, chives, egg white, egg yolk,
potato cubes, white onion. 
・Freshness Kit (ice pack, isothermal pouch)(to be returned) 
・Mother of pearl caviar spoon and rack (to be returned)


Cheese Tasting Set

Comté 24 months (approx. 20g) with Pickled Young Ginger :
Fruitiness and nuttiness best describe this delicious cheese sources directly from the Fruitière producing it close to the Franco-Swiss border. 24 months is the best age to feel the good taste balance.

Gorgonzola (approx. 20g) with Hawthorn Sticks :
This cheese is surprising by its mouthwatering creaminess and its mild taste. Try it with Chinese condiments for a surprise.

Mimolette (approx. 20g) with Wild Kumquat :
This orange color cheese is often described as a sharp but mild cheese that is intensely fruity and nutty, with subtle notes of caramel, its a bit like eating salted eggyolk.


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