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Rochelt Annia's Gin

Rochelt Annia's Gin

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Annia’s Gin is an outstanding fusion of fruity Gravenstein apples and aromatic juniper berries. It was originally created by Alexander Rainer as a birthday surprise for his wife, Annia, in a strictly limited production of just 20 liters. Today we are happy to offer our most valued customers and gin enthusiasts this special edition of Annia’s Gin.

Keeping with our strictest quality standards, Annia’s Gin is based exclusively on natural fermentation of pure fruit. This is in contrast to many other gins, which are based on neutral industrial alcohol.

Matured Gravenstein apple brandy is combined with juniper and distilled once more with great care. The full and delicate fruit flavors combine with aromatic juniper aromas and balance to form a harmonious unity.

Annia’s Gin tastes its best when served straight at room temperature and enjoyed drop by drop. Alternatively, we recommend a classic G&T with 2cl Annia’s Gin and 8cl tonic, refined with a slice of Gravenstein apple skin and a little ice to preserve the fine flavors.

  • Harvest Year Gravensteiner 2009 / Juniper 2019
  • Maturation Period 11 years
  • STYRIA (A)
  • 0,35 L
  • 50 % vol.
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