Indulge in the artistic delight of Ode to Shan Shui, a masterpiece mousse cake inspired by Chinese Shan Shui paintings. Layers of delicate Earl Grey mousse and sponge harmoniously blend with Osmanthus Goji Berry Jelly and Tea Sablé, creating an enchanting fusion of flavors and textures.

Small Size For 2-4 pax to share (260g / ~o.5lb, diameter~10.5cm)
Large Size For 6-8 pax to share (590g / ~1.3lb, diameter~18cm)


  • Earl Grey Mousse and Sponge
  • Osmanthus Goji Berry Jelly
  • Rice Crunchy
  • Tea Sablé
  • White Glaze

Best Consumption period: 1 day

**If you would like to add a chocolate plaque, please leave us a message on check out page**

*Photos are for reference only

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