Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with 
new rising cases daily in Hong Kong,
it is our responsibility to help to contain the spread of the virus.
Thus, we have decided to close
TATE Dining Room and date by TATE temporarily
from 1st Dec - 3rd Dec and will reopen for business on 4th Dec.

Please rest assured that no guest who has tested positive has
visited our premises recently. However,
we believe that this is the right action to take to contain the spread.

As always, our premises are deep cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis and
all members of our team are being consistently tested (all negative).
We will only maintain the highest standards of hygiene at all times.
We will closely monitor the situation and will provide further updates.
As always, we are thankful for the support of our guests,
and we hope everyone stays safe.


Chef Vicky, 
Tate & Date Teams