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RICE - Tea Box & RICE - Tea Set

RICE - Tea Box & RICE - Tea Set

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Rice grain porcelain is a traditional Chinese porcelain technique dating back to the Ming dynasty. (A.D. 1368). It is characterized by a refined and semi translucent finish. 

The Tea Box unfolds and transforms into a platform. Teaware can be arranged delicately on top.

RICE Tea Box

Dimension: 32.8(W)x18.4(L)x25.7(H)cm

Materials:Bamboo, Maple Wood, and Various Woods, Stainless steel plated in brass color, hinge in antique brass

Designer:JIA Design Team – Wuba Yang

Place of Origin: Taiwan

RICE Tea Set

1 x Gaiwan 蓋碗 ∅10.2x9.2(H)cm (150ml)
A time proven combination of lid, cup, and saucer. Best for infusing loose tea leaves, the Gaiwan is designed to fit within your palms. The lid can be used to filter the tea leaves while tasting and create a gentle and elegant wave-like gesture.

1 x Cha-Hai 茶海 ∅5.6x6.8x9(H)cm (200ml)
A serving vessel for fresh brewed tea from tea pot to tea cups.

2 x Tea Cup ∅6.2x4.5(H)cm (60ml)
Suitable for savoring the taste, smell, and the color of the tea.


Designer:Laura Straßer

Place of Origin: China

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